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Slot Game Guidelines to assure you to win lots of money and not to lose

Slot Game Guidelines to assure you to win lots of money and not to lose

Slot Machines don’t follow any specific technique by following which you can always win your bet. If someone’s pushing your brain with a trick to win all your money and be the best gambler on earth, he is none but a trickster! There can be some slot game guidelines to assure you to win lots of money and not to lose the amount you invested at the first place but nothing can guarantee you a big payout each time you spin.

Slot Game Guidelines to assure you to win lots of money and not to lose

Slot Game Guidelines to assure you to win lots of money and not to lose

Few attitudes that you should develop not to lose in slot game

If you want to be a smart casino player, you have to stand out of the crowd. The more alluring something looks outside, the more disheartening it can be deep inside. Here are two important suggestions that will help you not to lose –

  • More than 80% people are unaware of the odds that are stacked to drop down your credits. Most often, the ornery odds look so attractive that it can play gamble on your mind. The odds are displayed in an attractive manner by using bright colored lights just to draw your attention. So, make sure you’re not caught by their silly strategies.
  • Nothing is free in this world, even a glass of water! Maybe you don’t feel like you pay but you certainly do. Some casinos offer free drinks to keep you energized through the play. In the name of ‘player reinvestment’ they actually stab at your back and you hardly understand it! Actually, they have the strategy to predict how much money you’re going to lose and then take a fraction of you to entertain you in this way. Don’t fall in this trap.

Guidelines to win lots of money without losing in slot game:

Guidelines to win lots of money are not something magical but a mixture of common sense and experience. These guidelines don’t give you any guarantee of sure success but following these will definitely increase the probability of winning more bets.

  • While playing slot game on your mobile phone make sure that you have enough of light on the display to see what you are doing.
  • Don’t fall for tricks, failing to notice any tricks gives a chance to change the payouts from 3/2 to 6/5. It means if you bet with $100, you will win $120 only whereas you were supposed to win $150.
  • Unlike in a real casino where a spin wheel seems to be used several times, it goes through some wear and tear and may be considered as a mechanical defect but this can be a blessing for you! The one’s that you play online do not undergo such stress; this could be the biggest challenge you may face.
  • If you love to play Keno, I suggest not playing it often. Some of the casinos have 35% house edge for the Keno players which are terrific. It means no matter how good you play, you have the highest chance to get back 65% only!

However, don’t get addicted to slot game because it will kill your precious time, energy and if you are unlucky, it can snatch all your hard earned money. You need to be very calculative to win lots of money though all the casino games more or less depend on your luck.


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