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Characters of jade empire game

Characters of jade empire game

Nowadays there are many gambling game. Playing these games can make your day wonderful. Jade empire game is one of the games that are being gambled on with an intention of making profit in the expense of the casino owner. Recent winning of the game came this month July 7, 2016 where the person who really shocked the world of gambling pockets 643,980,000 IDR on two bets in slot betting. This was experience in Philippines. To play the game one should have to understand the characters of the game itself.

Characters of jade empire game

Player characters

Before the trusted slot game start the player has to select one character from the six or seven playable characters; the number of playable characters always depends on the version of the game. The gender the character used in the game is far of great importance at character creation level in the game because it will have to determine the romance in the game and the responses to be received from the non-players in the whole story. There is no difference in the capabilities between male and female. By default playable characters are always labeled “fast” (mind specialist), ‘’magic’’ (spirit specialist).

In this game the player character models are required all to share a common expressive trait. In most of the conversation carried out in this game, the faces of the playable characters are always calm and also lack expression in the game. When the players are selecting either a rare humorous or witty response from the options of the conversation, there will always a slight, barely perceptible smile which appears on the models of the playable characters. When the players are selecting a mean spirited or a response which is angry, then there would likely be a much more scowl which is being shown.

Non-player characters

During the game play, the player will have encountered a number of non-players in the game. Some of the players will be willing to team up with party of the player and thus becoming his or her followers.  While there will be non-players who will not team up with the player and thus will have to present chances of side quests or maybe casual dialogue. These non-player characters include;

During the course of the game the player will meet various non-player characters. Other players will have the willingness to join the party and thereby become a ‘follower’. Many more characters will not become followers, but will present opportunities for side-quests or casual conversation. The e-games slot non-player characters include:

  • Dawn Star, this is being taken care of by Kim Mai Guest. This character is a lady and she is an orphan but has ability to sense spiritual thing.
  • Sagacious Zu, represented by Robin Atkin Downes. The character is the former member of the lotus Assassins. The character does not reveal much about his past life.
  • Sky, this is well represented by Cam Clarke. He acts as a thief holding grudge against Gao the Greater. This character does not like being shackled by the society, at any time when he is looking for his revenge.
  • Wild flower, the character is represented by Nicky Pugh a very young girl who died when there was flooding of Tien’s Landing.
  • Silk fox, represented by Masasa Moyo. She is a lady who is mysterious. She always reveals herself to be known as Princes Sun Lian.
  • Henpecked Hou, this character is being represented by Josh Dean. Josh Dean is a bun master and in the early years he was a combatant in the imperial Arena.
  • Kang the mad, represented by Paul Eiding. An avid inventor who is specialist in making things to fly.


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